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Probably you´re wondering what is this weird name that sounds like Android. Well, it´s sort of the same, but in this case “Aptoide” is a free apps market pretty similar to Google Play with the difference that all of the application that you can find are for free!

Now, in order to download and have full access to Aptoide you need to go to the official website and download the Aptoide APK file and install it in your device like any other application. Once you run Aptoide free you need to set up or change your smartphone settings to allow a third party apps to be installed.

If you don’t want to have any issues with the installation process to download Aptoide for free, you can change your phone settings first and then run the .exe file. Then just go to “settings” or “System Settings” and scroll down to “Security” and check the “unknown sources” box to let Aptoide to be installed directly.

aptoide-freeThe apps you can find in Aptoide Market are pretty much the same to Google Play and you can get apps from other developers that didn’t upload and share their app with Google store. Actually, if you´re a developer and you want to share your own app, you can upload it at Aptoide Market with no issues at all.

Aptoide Market is a good place on the go to find interesting and funny apps sort by categories and we are used to see in other stores like iTunes or Windows Phone app Store. Basically you can find and install music, videos, social media and games apps. In every app you can find, you will be able to read comments and reviews from other users as well as rate that apps on your own.

In this article we will explain you how to download and install it, because you can download it completely free.

One of the greatest features about Aptoide is that no signup is required, it has a full and complete database and you can download any, but any app you want! If you are satisfied with your current app store for android you can give it a try to Aptoide and feel free to use any app at any time.

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