Download Aptoide for Android

Aptoide is a well-known alternative marketplace for Android devices where every user has and manages their stores and where all of the applications are free, as we may know at Google Play we can find some paid apps.

To install and run Aptoide for Android all you need to do is just download the APK file and save it in your SD card. Right after that you need to look for “Settings > Applications” and check “Unknown Sources” so in that way we can install apps coming from any other source than Google play, which is set up by default in our device.

Unfortunately we cannot find and download Aptoide from the very Google Play store due to 4.5 Non-compete clause of Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement, but after we download it from any website we can use it to find and install quickly applications coming from the developer´s official site.


To get Aptoide you can download the APK file free from this link and install it in your device. If the dialog is showing, then tap on “settings” and will take you check the option we mentioned before. If you have any doubt about how aptoide works or how to install it, visit our tutorial.

After that just hit “Install” and then you can start to create your own store. With Aptoide you can find over 850 million apps and increasing, +198 thousand apps and over 100 thousands stores available and it’s all for free!

The way to rate the apps is pretty much the same as in Google Play, you can leave a comment or rate the apps you have tried. If you are looking for a particular program you can just type it into the search box to look for it. Now, the only difference between Google play and Aptoide is that, the last one, is distributed that means there is not one and centralized store.

Also remember that you may upload your own apps to Aptoide in an existing app store using the APK file from your computer or mobile device.

Finally, if you want to use it on your PC, you can do it. We recommend you to visit our article.

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