Download Aptoide for iPhone

If you´ve heard and read about Aptoide you have a clue about how interesting and powerful is to have full access to all of the apps you want in your smartphone or mobile device, but before we move on and talk about Aptoide for iphone let me explain to you more about how Aptoide really works.

Basically this is like another application because you just need to download an IPA file in your device so you can run it. Now, Aptoide is a fully free app market where you can get all the apps you want for free. By default, you’re not allowed to download it and still any other application from third parties and that´s why you need to change the option or setting in your mobile device if you run Android.

Now, this is an app market and if you can notice all the apps we can find are fully free, meaning that we can find the same applications from Google Play or iTunes and even more. Actually, in Aptoide you´re able to find and download some apps that were deleted or that are not available I Google Play anymore. You can browse and explore of the applications available and if you´re a developer you can even upload your own apps and share them!

aptoide for iphone

Some of the most popular apps you can find are WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Clean Master, Youtube or Google Maps. So, if you can see all of these apps are completely free and that´s why you can get them in Aptoide but overall you can download many other applications that you probably didn’t know about.

If you can’t find lots of free apps, Aptoide is a great choice and is really worth it. Unfortunately this tool is not available for iOS users to install in their devices or to use an emulator neither. The good news about an iPhone alternative is that we can use Atrappo which is another apps searcher for free for all iOS users.

Just in case you have some doubts about how Aptoide works you can search videos in Youtube to know a little bit more about this popular app store.

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