Download Aptoide for PC

If you know about Aptoide you may notice that is an interesting tool and app store where you can get all of the apps you want for free. Basically we are able to download in our Android or iOS device with just a simple change under “Settings” that allows you to install files and apps from another party that is not Google play or iTunes.

Aptoide was developed for and from those who know and fee the real meaning of “freedom” on the web and that make our world easier. We also know that if we want to install an application available from any store in our computer or PC we can do it with en emulator, so what happens if we want to install an app from Aptoide for PC?

Practically the whole process is pretty much the same but let me refresh your mind:

First of all you need to look for an emulator, we highly recommend “Bluestacks” cause is easy to install and handle as well. Once is downloaded from the official website you need to run the .exe or installer file in your PC, the process takes a few minutes so just wait and don’t close the window even if you can see is freezing.


Right after that, you can now run the emulator. Now we need the APK file for Aptoide which we can get in their website: and look for “install”.

Once you download it you can go back to Bluestacks and open the APK file you just downloaded from Aptoide and you need to run it and change the security settings on the go, so don’t worry. After you´re allowed to “install” the free app store you need run Aptoide in Bluestacks the same way you do it with your mobile device.

Pretty much that´s it, you need any tech advanced knowledge to use this powerful app and free store where you can get the most popular apps ever known and many more. Enjoy more than 200 thousand free apps in more than 112 thousand store available and discover the amazing world of the freedom.

You will find more info about this great app here:

What are you waiting for? Download it now.


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